Investing Concepts / Wisdom (2022)

Follow Your System

Munger’s Words

11 Observations

“Shall You Apply to LIC IPO?”

What is Down Proofing?

“Learnings from One Percent” Show with Rajeev Thakkar

“Three new age concepts” to not miss as an investor

“Thomas Sowell says this”

Parag Parikh’s “law of the farm”

5 important constructs from the budget

“Special Situations”-Learning from MissioN SMILE webinar

Webinar with Meet Shah

Investing Concepts / Wisdom (2021)

“Which investing demons are you killing this Dussehra?”

Stages in the life of multi-baggers that last for decades

Prestige-Big bull starting an airline

Paytm-Initial story of Vijay Shekar Sharma

Mistakes in Bear and Bull market

Ben Graham’s childhood and Knickerbocker Crisis

Looking at the stock market in a light-hearted way(in Hindi)

Narayan Murthy’s letter to shareholders in yr 2000

Internet is underrated, how an idea of paul graham helped Smartsync

Booklet of payment and settlement systems in India by RBI

Investing Concepts / Wisdom (2020)

A lighthearted way to look at the stock market (Hindi rhymes)

Christmas thread, story on consumption and demand

3 Famous capital allocators in the world of business

Discussion with old friend Kartik on “Survive to Thrive”

Dussehra poem by Shri Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

The growth story and journey of China

“Do More. Think Less”

Howard Schulz on Ratan Tata and India

Tribute thread to WB on Teacher’s day

New traders who have entered the market

How to think about valuation

“One wise investment is better than ten foolish investments”

Survive to Thrive-Part 2

Long term investor and practitioner’s perspective on the market

What Debt Means to Businesses and Investors