Finception, with its original and refreshing style of writing on Indian stock market, has caught an attention of many in a short span of less than a year.  We at SSIAS, just could not wait to meet them and know their story. When we contacted one of the founders, Shrehith, he was kind enough to immediately give us an appointment for the same day.

We walked into the CIIE building of IIM Ahmedabad, trying to locate the office of Finception. We entered a room and found that a few college students were working on some projects. I asked one of them:

“Can you please let me know where the office of Finception is?”

He replied, “Hi, I am Shrehith. You chatted with me. This is Finception’s office. Welcome.”

We were just awestruck. Two of the founders, Shrehith and Pawan were there along with a couple of college interns. All were hooked on to their laptops in a small desk in the corner of the room. The room had many other people probably working on different projects.

Shrehith immediately sat with us and started talking. Soon, Pawan also joined. We chatted for about an hour and half. It was a great time listening to them.  Most of the discussion revolved around Finception’s journey and how they are looking at the future. Most of it is available on their website in the FAQ section hence I would not dwell much on that.

Shrehith, Pawan, Ankit, and Akhilesh (Left to Right)

We came out of that meeting feeling inspired. We wish the Finception team all the very best for their journey ahead. They already have a fairly large fan following. And with the quality of content they are sharing with their subscribers, the numbers are going to only increase at a higher speed going forward.


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