Smart Sync Investment Advisory Services is a SEBI Registered (INA000007881) Investment Advisory firm.

We at Smart Sync Investment Advisory Services (SSIAS) are guided by the words of wisdom from the father of Investment Management, Benjamin Graham —

An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and a satisfactory return.

One may achieve great returns in the stock market, but we firmly believe that the Return Of Capital is more important than Return On Capital. Thus, while we look for avenues providing an adequate return, we don’t compromise on the protection of our clients’ capital.

We are excited to share that we are now on the smallcase platform.

Our SSIAS Model Portfolio service started on 01.02.2019.

On 03.08.2021, we launched our second Model Portfolio offering. This time it was a SIP portfolio

These two offerings are now available as smallcases.

Brief description about both the small cases (Model Portfolios)


Model Portfolio (Lumpsum): This is for clients who have a fixed capital to invest

Long-term-oriented, low-churn investors.

These three types of businesses are there in our portfolio.

1. High-quality businesses where growth prospects, in the long run, are high. We do not mind paying a higher multiple as we feel the Margin of Safety is in the growth of earnings. (60-70%)

2. Businesses that are temporarily going through a short-term pain offer us an attractive valuation. (10-20%)

3. Special situation (Buyback, delisting, Open offers, etc) (3-5%).


Less activity, more research, and a long-term framework are the principles that drive our investment process. (15-25 stocks)


Model Portfolio (SIP): This is for clients who have a regular stream of cash flow to invest every month

Spending time in the market is more important than timing the market.

SIP is the best tool to tackle this problem of timing.

Another big advantage of SIP is it helps you counter the problem of valuation as you keep buying during the euphoric and sluggish period of the market.

One benefits from the concept of dollar-cost averaging.

20 stock portfolio, equal weight.


If you have any further queries, reach out to us.

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