In our quest to spread awareness on research and investments in the stock market, we keep sharing some of our research works on this blog. The idea is not to give any recommendation or stock calls, but just to let you, our readers, have a look into our world of research.

In the last week of August 2019, we started an experiment. Each week we wrote a short one-pager on one stock which we were studying and researching at that time. Today, after a little over four months, we have twenty such reports ready.

We are happy to see the good response and the constant feedback and suggestions pouring in. Some of our readers have reached out to us to write on some specific stocks. One such incident has been pasted below:


We thought to compile them all in one place for you. It is now easy for you to refer back whenever you want to. Please find below the link of the page

SSS Wall of 5-Minute Stock Ideas

We are always open to suggestions and feedback. It helps us serve you better. Please reach out to us in case you have any queries.



Stocks discussed in this post are for educational purposes. Please do not take it as a recommendation. Please read our terms and conditions.


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