I started working sometime in the year 2005.

When friends or colleagues used to meet, our topics of discussions would invariably include the following:


Mobile Phones


Occasionally Politics

Investing groups were small and not very popular. They remained within themselves doing the hard work.  They never liked marketing about themselves.

Now let’s come to today’s time. We have just entered the new decade of the 2020s

The topics of discussions today have been more or less the same but with one major addition.

Nothing much has changed in the case of the first four areas of Entertainment, Mobile phones, Sports and Politics.

The fifth element added here is what investments one has made and how much return he or she has gained to date.

This major change was brought about by the way investors and investor groups have started marketing the saving by investing theme. Investing has been fairly democratized now through AMCs, distributors, investors and mass media.


“Mutual Funds Sahi Hai” Campaign has played a vital role in further accentuating this pace.


There is a veritable universe of mutual funds designed to cater to each and every individual’s investment tastes and expectations. There are more than 44 registered mutual fund houses in India dishing out more than 2500 schemes in almost all kinds of investment categories. With flexible payment options like the innovative SIP and the rising number of new income generators appearing in the country each year, the industry size and the number of options at hand are surely expected to get much bigger going forward.

But despite a large number of mutual fund providers in India, there are currently only 2 listed players in the stock market who are pure-play MF providers. Without any doubt, these players, HDFC AMC and Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd have become the favorites of all kinds of investors in the past few years. Thus many AMCs are queuing up to get listed in the exchange and take advantage of this heightened interest from public investors.


Our team went through the DRHP of the upcoming UTI AMC IPO which is expecting to be listed sometime this year on the stock exchange. We hope you would get some value out of it.

Please find our research note below:
UTI AMC Review Download



Stocks discussed in this post are for educational purposes. Please do not take it as a recommendation. Please read our terms and conditions.


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