Who We Are

We are a SEBI Registered (INA000007881) Investment Adviser firm.

We at Smart Sync Investment Advisory Services (SSIAS) are guided by the words of wisdom from the father of Investment Management, Benjamin Graham —

“An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and a satisfactory return.”

We are aware of the prospects of exponential returns in the stock market, but we firmly believe that the Return of Capital is more important than Return on Capital. Thus, while we look for avenues providing an adequate return, we don’t compromise on the protection of our clients’ capital.


What We Do

Our premium services are listed below:

  • SAMUCCH MULYA NIVESH: Fee-based Equity Investment Advisory for HNIs providing customized services according to each customer’s requirements, goals, expectations, and risk tolerance.


  • Model Portfolio Subscription Services: Premium subscribers get access to our complete Model Portfolio along with allocation percentage. Apart from sharing the Model Portfolio, we offer the following services to our subscribers:  
    • SSIAS Investment Rationale Letters post-market hours explaining the rationale behind a buy or a sell decision.
    • Weekly mailers on recent events of the economy or stocks market.
    • In-depth researched reports on companies we cover.
    • Yearly performance review of the portfolio.
    • Available in both Lumpsum (ADARSH NIVESH) & SIP (SAMAGRA NIVESH) Portfolios


  • Portfolio Review Services: SSIAS team checks your existing equity portfolio and offers investment advice based on your risk profile. It helps you in creating a robust equity portfolio for the long term. Our emphasis is to present to you a reasonably diversified portfolio that provides a decent risk-adjusted return over time.


  • Financial Planning: We devise very simple but customizable financial plans according to the financial goals of our clients. We are SEBI registered investment advisors. Hence, we are completely independent in our views. We receive no commission or fees from AMCs/insurance companies for recommending any plan. Thereby our interest aligns with the interest of our client/investor.


  • MissioN S.M.I.L.E-Premium Service: Here we provide a yearly subscription service that provides the customer with exclusive access to:
    • Our Premium Investing Research & Discussion Channel on Slack channel,
    • Our Monthly Webinars on Company and Business Analysis,
    • 15 Exclusive Research Reports


For any investment-related inquiries or any of the other services, write to us at ankit.k@smartsyncservices.com or call us at +91 99789 88562

Other than the above premium services, we provide vital business and investment insights for free through: